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Client Reviews

"Simple and plain...Shannon rocks! She is a super organizer extraordinaire. She cleared out, organized and transformed a room in our home that had been left to its own devices for nearly two years into a habitable, livable space in five days (yes. you read that right). Shannon was very professional, punctual, and efficient. I especially appreciated her willingness to work around my busy schedule.  She graciously offered to pick up the storage/organization materials and new furniture that I purchased at the various stores (and even let me use her professional discount!).


Before the major overhaul began, I was convinced that I was going to need to secure a storage space. In the end, I didn't need to. I am more than satisfied with the end result. As an extra bonus, Shannon found unused money orders, checks and gift certificates in the room. Oh the pleasure of receiving long lost treasure!  When I think of how long I put off getting this done, I could kick myself.


Don't live in chaos one more day than you have to. Call/email Shannon today. You won't be disappointed."

“Shannon was very helpful in organizing my living room, closets, pantry, bathroom, and my room.  


After she finished my room, I can't even begin to think why I hadn't put it that way to begin with.  My life is organized now and it was very refreshing.”

“I hired Organiz-It to organize my closet. It was so jammed packed with paperwork and clothes that I couldn't open the door without my belongings spilling out. I felt overwhelmed and I did not know where to start. The piles of paperwork dated back to 2005.


Shannon from Organiz-It showed up and had my entire closet cleaned out within 3 hours. I honestly don't know how she did it. She needed minimal assistance from me and shed me of all the unnecessary things I was holding onto.”

"Organiz-it saved me from myself! I kept telling myself that it was ok I still had stuff in boxes because 'I just moved in!' but when you're renewing your lease on your apartment you realize that excuse does not work anymore. I really did not have time or energy to take care of my mess, so I called Organiz-it!

Shannon did my closets and I wish she'd organize my life because they are beautiful, I can find everything and there's even more space!"

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